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The Boxing Movie

Hollywood has always had a fascination with the sport of boxing. Perhaps it's the inherent thrill of unarmed combat, or is it simply that at its core, the humble boxing movie is the ultimate rags to riches story - one man’s `(or indeed woman’s) triumph over adversity.

While there may have been one or two that haven’t quite hit the mark (Rocky 5 anyone?) - every few years we are reminded at just how entertaining the pugilistic arts can be if done right. As far back as 1931’s The Champ (nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and winning the Academy Award for Best Actor Wallace Beery and Best Writing and Original Story) - the boxing movie has not only been a main stay in our cinema multiplexes but a fair few have been able to punch their way to Oscar glory.

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Halloween…The Return!

So by now you will have heard the news that Michael Myers has returned to slaughter the box-office a mere 40 years after John Carpenter's original 1978 classic that spawned the "Slasher" movies of the 1980's and beyond. Halloween circa 2018 has taken upwards of $250 million dollars worldwide since it's mid-October release, sparking rumours of the inevitable sequel. At this point its worth mentioning that the new film ignores ALL other sequels that came after Carpenter's masterpiece. So for all intents and purposes Halloween (2018) is actually a Halloween 2 reboot (got it? Good). 

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