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The process of linen-backing (also known as linen-mounting) is a method of restoring and preserving old collectable paper items such as film posters, travel posters and vintage advertising posters.  Many collectors invest in linen-backing which allows a poster to be framed and displayed in their full glory. The process of linen-backing will smooth out any folds, creases and minor imperfections - dramatically improving the overall appearance of the poster, while removing the acids in the paper to help with conservation. 

Linen-backing is a great way to preserve your treasured original poster and in most cases you will find that it will help the poster to hold its value. 


As with Linen-backing, poster restoration is an investment. If your vintage poster is in particularly poor condition, you will need to employ specialist restoration techniques to help with things like paper loss, water staining, mould and mildew, colour fading and general dirt that can attach itself to old paper. It is important to find an expert in this field in order for them to assess the level of work needed to bring your poster back to a condition that you are happy with. The restoration process along with linen-backing will dramatically improve the overall appearance of a poster and can substantially increase its value.